So I had the misfortune of having a very unpleasant weekend, and it left me thinking a little about how much we (or at least I) value our daily routines. After a power outage on Friday put a stop to any evening plans, I had to contend with a weekend without the internet.

Now, this honestly sounds like the epitome of ‘first-world problems’ but considering how much we interact with the internet in our daily lives, particularly at home, it tends to throw a wrench in a lot of plans. More than any singular inconvenience, however, was this ongoing sense of being ‘off kilter’.

I’m a very organized person, sometimes to a fault. I keep  my living space clean, I do laundry and go grocery shopping like clockwork on the same days of the week, and I have other routines that I see to virtually every day. The power then internet going out put a decisive end to this routine, and while I could have managed to complete some of my normal weekend tasks, I found that I had lost the will to do most of them, everything had this sort of malaise hanging over it because my normal routines had been thrown off balance, and I think that speaks to a deep need for organization within me.

That said I’m curious how more ‘spontaneous’ or ‘chaotic’ people would have reacted. It’s always good to not only be self-aware of your responses to things, but to consider how others might react to the same stimuli, mixing a bit of the writer and the scientist together.


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