So after an impressively long delay due to a combination of work and world travel I have returned to continue a hopefully consistent schedule of interest and updates. Traveling abroad is a wonderful experience, and I hope to share some of the stories that places can tell across kilometers and centuries over the coming weeks.


Before any of that though, before my departure at the end of last May, I was lucky enough to have hosted a panel at the Midwest’s largest Anime Convention: Anime Central (or ACen). My panel, Madoka & Rebellion: A Literary Analysis, had an audience of around seventy people which was spectacular, both for their enthusiasm and willingness to allow me to inflict my inner English teacher upon them. So while I doubt that any of the attendees are among my fistful of followers, I wanted to express a gratitude for the opportunity, as well as a thanks to those followers for doing something similar by listening to my yammering. In the future I will no doubt present something similar to that panel on this blog, but for now I leave it with my thanks.





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