New Chapter up! Where Asha meets another strange ally in the fight for Babylon’s freedom.

The Cities Eternal

Chapter 14

September 28th, 2024

C: What’s up, Asha? It’s been a while.

A: Likewise. Been super busy here in Babylon, sorry we haven’t been able to chat.

C: Cool. I’ve been busy too, so no worries. Even got to hook up with an old friend of mine!

A: Awesome! I’ve been less lucky. Things are pretty bleak here. And we met a new guy who might help but he’s…pretty jaded.

C: I know you, Asha, you can turn things around!

A: Heh, thanks for the support as ever, Cat.

Asha smiled down at the book in her hands. She was sitting on the edge of the window in their tiny studio, legs inside and her back against the frame as she felt the cool late afternoon air pour in, the sunlight glinting on the rooftops as it began to set. People were moving outside in the street below, and…

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