The newest chapter is live! And we begin to see the threads of fate that tie the narrative together.

The Cities Eternal

Stepping Out

“So this is a memory we’re in?” Cat asked, looking around the stately decoration of the manor hallway.

“Yes, everything here is set and unmutable, it is not like a dream, and they can’t hear or interact with us.” Gisela nodded, staying by her side.

“Ya I get it, it’s like A Christmas Carol, right?” Cat said “So that makes me…Ghost of Christmas Past then?”

“A good enough approximation” Gisela nodded. “Now then, you wanted a story, so observe.”

Together, the pair of them walked through the hall in pursuit of the younger Gisela. They weren’t intangible apparitions, Cat could clearly see her own hands, but her presence felt…ethereal. They made no sound on the hard wood floor as they walked, and their faces weren’t reflected in the glass of the windows they passed either. Cat was aware and present, but as far as the memory was concerned…

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