New serial Chapter up! Catarina decides to meet Gisela head on and see just what she has in store.

The Cities Eternal

Chapter 13

September 27th, 2024

“A pleasure to see you again, Catarina.”

Gisela’s voice was calm and level, her face a mask that Cat couldn’t read as she spoke. She offered no hint at amusement or disappointment, not even the shadow of a smirk on her lips or a glitter in her violet eyes. Cat found it unsettling, like a talking painting.

“I came to talk,” Cat said firmly.

“I imagine so,” Gisela nodded. “What shall we talk about?”

“I want to know how to kill Nidhoggr,” Cat said. “And I know…I know I can’t do it like I am.”

“No, you cannot,” Gisela nodded again.

“I thought I could just train and become stronger…but I don’t know how to train to kill a Primordial.”

“No one else on Earth that could teach you would do so,” Gisela said. “Though it is an astute observation to make.”

“I don’t trust…

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